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In 1997 the vineyard surrounding the old house on the hill showed obvious signs of aging. The production, whose beginning is lost in the memory of the grandparents, was reduced to a minimum. It was just for fun, they decided to replant the vineyard to give it new life. Gradually, year after year, plate after plate, the rows have been restored and vines now replace the old with the new. With the new millennium, the vineyard was ready.

Just a bit over a half acre of terraces carved into the crag in winding paths shaped by time, surrounded by woods. The first harvests and the wonder, after so much effort, the first harvesting. A progression that has led us to think seriously about a wine of our own. And it was also thanks to Dino Nardi, the only one who immediately supported us and shared our almost visionary project at the time, that we started with enthusiasm. And then the big jump: the grapes become wine, our grapes become our wine. It convinces us immediately. The first labels, virtually hand-made​​. Friends who encourage us and not the result we are sorry, we are proud of.