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the landscape

paesaggio sito nuovo“Women and men are called to be custodians of the land most suited to the talents of Prosecco have obligations towards history and towards the consumer. Protecting the profile and the nervous variety of hills, as is done for the character of the wine, it means allow the fortuitous conjunction of the fineness of the air, which still exists, and the spontaneous softness of the wine” Sandro Sangiorgi We have always put great emphasis on preservation of the traditional agricultural landscape. The old mulberry sustain and maintain the pace of the rows and give depth to the look . The steep terraces are followed by drawing lines which join harmoniously pandering to the slopes, where it is easy to get lost. More than a thousand wooden poles supporting the rows are all different and have been prepared on site one by one. Our vineyard, visually, is completely different from the many “technological” ones. These are in fact the result of continuous earthworks with shovels leveling the hills and destroy the surface layers and the most fertile soil to encourage a more “modern” agriculture. They not only destroy the landscape in its most intimate identity and complexity, but they cause those soil characteristics that contribute to confer specificity to the crops disappear. The consequence is the uniformity of production, in this case grapes, and the need for a massive use of chemistry to make up for the poverty of nutrients. In short, the leveling of the ground corresponds to a leveling of taste. This is also why we care so much that our hills remain intact to preserve the geomorphological characteristics that make our wine so tied to its territory.