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biological agricolture

Since 1997, our vineyard is certified organic by “Soil and Health”, one of the inspection and certification bodies in Italy.

This means that we do not use synthetic chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides). To enrich the soil we use only composted manure and organic matter coming from cuttings. In case of necessity, for the defense of the plants act only with natural vegetable or mineral substances.

But for us to do organic farming is just the beginning of a process of study and observation of natural phenomena, which comes from the desire to respect and protect life in all its forms.

And then we never use plastic to tie the vines, but only the branches of the willow. And we do not burn the pruning waste but we use them to create areas of refuge for insects and small wild animals. We wait, in the spring, that all the wildflowers bloom and nourish with their pollen the insects before proceeding with mowing the lawn between the rows.

We receive the products of the earth without ever seeking or forcing the crops.

We listen and we learn to feel part of a unique and complex life cycle.